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Join as a Professional

At BidXSell, we understand the importance of a reliable and expansive platform for professionals within the thoroughbred industry. Whether you’re a breeder, trainer, or veterinarian, joining our digital marketplace empowers you to expand your professional reach and leverage cutting-edge tools designed for industry leaders.

Professional Networking

Connect with other industry professionals, potential clients, and service providers. Our platform is designed to enhance collaboration and foster partnerships across the globe.

Market Exposure

Gain exposure by listing your services, sharing your expertise, and showcasing successful case studies or portfolios. Our platform puts your skills in front of a targeted audience of thoroughbred enthusiasts and investors.

Industry Insights

Stay informed with access to market trends, auction results, and exclusive research reports. Our resources can help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving thoroughbred market.

Event Listings

Promote and discover industry events such as seminars, webinars, and conferences. Expand your knowledge and network by participating in or hosting events that cater to thoroughbred professionals.

Custom Alerts

 Set up notifications for specific types of listings or news that align with your professional interests. Never miss an opportunity to buy or consult on a potential champion.

Secure Communication Platform

Communicate securely with clients and partners directly through our platform, ensuring that all interactions are private and protected.

Benefits of Joining

Showcase your expertise to a global audience.
Access tools that enhance your visibility and professional operations.
Network with peers and expand your professional footprint in the thoroughbred industry.