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Thoroughbred Auction Global Impact

Thoroughbred auctions around the world are the lifeblood of the thoroughbred industry. From the excitement of the auction ring to the quiet rustling of straw and nickering from the stalls of the sales barns, physical auctions world-wide are an annual destination for individuals involved in all aspects of breeding and racing. In addition, thoroughbred auctions are the main economic indicator of the health of the thoroughbred industry in their prospective countries. Numbers from thoroughbred auctions indicate bull and bear markets, flag hot young sires, and showcase established industry leading stallions and pedigrees. Auction results then drive both speculators and investors with regard to their future financial outlays. Furthermore, the auction marketplace is a global marketplace. When general economies in some areas of the world weaken, strength in the economies of other countries has the ability to bolster the thoroughbred industry in regional recessionary environments.

The next frontier in the global auction marketplace is the digital auction marketplace. People are becoming more aware of and comfortable with buying a high ticket item such as a racehorse or other bloodstock via a digital marketplace. The digital market is a natural outgrowth of the physical sale market and the digital marketplace breaks down the distance barrier for international bloodstock investors. The digital marketplace also gives sellers the distinct ability to sell bloodstock from the ground on which they stand everyday within their own paddocks and stalls. BidXSell is the cutting edge digital market developer in the horse industry and will continue innovating to bring this sector of the thoroughbred marketplace into the ever evolving digital age.